Companies are accountable for transportation of their employees

Even if companies outsource meals & transportation, they would be held ACCOUNTABLE for anything that goes wrong in them, they cannot escape the noose. The vendors would be held RESPONSIBLE but still accountability belongs to the companies who outsourced. Remember that, there is a legal angle to it – responsibility vs accountability.
Having said that , I see lots of IT and manufacturing folks who enjoy the transportation facility not correcting their drivers for errant and rash driving – they seem to be unconcerned about the same. As long as they do not bother about traffic, they are fine – this is the sad attitude of the travelers. As a CSR initiative, ensure all the drivers have a proper license that is readily available for passengers, and reinforce proper driver habits regularly. If your driver is wrong and caused an accident, accept it – do not enlist the support of the passengers for your wrong doing.
Constant monitoring by health inspectors of the cafeterias should be done independently, and disclosed in public as a certificate every month or quarter for hygiene reasons.
Get accountable , companies – try not to escape from them. Do not turn a blind eye to bad food, unhygienic cafeterias and to rash and negligent driving. #CSR #accountability

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