Strategy is for CEO, Execution is for you

Lots of year planning and strategy sessions annually. But is it really for lower rungs of the organizations, or even the first level or middle level management? Answer is NO – they should be key to execution and achieving results. The CEO and his team has to worry about the strategy part(all these surveys and inputs from all employees may not materialize)- the long term planning is based on where you want to see yourself in the market and against competition and needs to translate to decisive steps to get you there. Hence Planning is the intermediate phase between strategy and tactical operations that is key to success of any organization. Execute flawlessly and consistently and you are still a force to reckon with in the market. Get to be one step ahead of others while strategizing and have a key differentiator that means what you deliver to the market. Plan well and execute should be the mantra for most of us within the organization, and leave the strategy and vision to the top big buck guys. Any thoughts? #leadership #strategytoexecution