Three types of BUSY people

In your professional life (and many a times in your personal life) you would meet three sets of people:
(i) Really Busy: These are the folks who thing attending every meeting is important although his or her inputs cares for less, their ego is high and correlates with power they think they have, zero time management skills, cannot prioritize properly, do not spend time even with team members, mostly operate on control and direct basis etc.
(ii) Acting Busy: These are the most insecure folks who think that if you do not act busy, you are considered unimportant. So, they would pull all excuses to not have time with you – very hollow thinkers, very jealous of colleagues, just exist because they are there at that place.. unfortunately, I would say 75% of the folks you see would belong here
(iii) Busy but..: These are the best folks you need to work with. A boss or colleague who spends time with you, gives priority to you and the team, remembers your name or face and what you do and what you did, very secure in their position and collaborative, their expertise irreplaceable, excellent in working with people and guiding them. and able to prioritize the right work. These are the folks who gets mentioned in separate posts by Individuals as a role model. Very rare but they do exist.

When do you need a job?

Irony of any job seekers: When you want a job, you cannot get it. But when you find a job, you do not need it then. Unfortunate. If you are satisfied where you are and your boss supports you, there is no reason for a change but this is when all these calls happen.
Always remember, in a free world, you cannot be locked in forever. And when it rains, it pours. Realize there are no such thing as a bad situation, it is you who has to create outcomes based on whatever situation gets presented to you. Keep the faith and be positive.
Yes, you would see a lots of recruiters who do not respond back and this speaks a lot about the company you want to join. Yes they do get lots of profiles but there is no harm in sending a note as a process for everyone who applies(remember this can be automated as well).
Make the best of what you have at that time